This survey is designed to measure specific areas such as degrees of:

  • work environment contingencies
  • job satisfaction
  • job dissatisfaction
  • job stress
  • morale
  • attitude
  • productive propensity
  • cooperative tendency

It also measures the impact that work environment contingencies (work-factors) have upon the motivational intensities and behavioral propensities of employees.

This Quality of Work-life survey:

  • Has twenty-two years of research and application as its foundation.
  • Is so protective of employee confidentiality that not one employee has been identified with regard to their responses to the survey in 17 years of use.
  • Provides prioritized recommendations on how to most effectively administer an organization’s work-related factors in order to influence significant improvements in cooperation, productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Collectively compiles and classifies employee comments in a manner that is clearly discernible with respect to intent, while maintaining the employee’s confidentiality.
  • Provides management with an extraordinary exposition of reports, findings, graphics, tables, employee comments, etc.
  • Will sort, compile, classify, and present data in accordance with the following demographics:
    • total organization
    • department
    • work classification
    • years with organization
    • age
    • marital status
    • gender
    • education
    • current salary and
    • others as requested.